My Family

Of all my earthly blessings, my family ranks highest. God has given me a husband who is wise, loving, and walks in integrity, plus twelve terrific children and five wonderful grandsons who are the joy of my life. Come visit us at our family website, where you’ll discover a wealth of ideas for raising kids, getting organized, saving money, home schooling, and making great family memories:

How Do I Love Thee? A Devotional Journal for Wives

17 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Kalyegira Rose B.

    Let me ask am new on this blog but do whites also have so many children? I thought it was for only Africans and Asians. (No offense here a purely African)

    1. spartan1273

      This is quite true, that the world’s European populations have been having smaller and smaller families. My grandmother was born before at the outset of WWII and is the oldest of nine. She and one of her brothers each had four children and the rest had between 0 and 3 children each. My parents are highly unusual (among Whites) in having nine children. My three American aunts have five children between them and my three Irish aunts have two children between them.

  2. Laura Dubreuil

    This is a great website. You have a wonderful family. I do precana at my parish but am looking to start a group based on the series that I am a part of called “Wife After God”

  3. sherry

    So, I’m turning 47 this year. We are basically the same age. Amazing. Jennifer, do you have any twins in there? I have 5 children. In child birth math – you are totally the winner! 🙂

  4. s

    Jennifer you look like you are in your thirties! I suppose that is mathematically possible if you married young and had a baby a year. Clue us in! (Even though I know it is not polite to ask.) Early 40’s??? 🙂

  5. Natalie

    Goodness me!! I was thinking the same thing! You are blessed with great genes! =) You certainly don’t look old enough to have 12 children, much less any grandchildren! You have a beautiful family. Just subscribed to you blog today…I’m excited! =)


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