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An Announcement and an Interview

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Our giveaway ended over the weekend and a winner was selected. Congratulations, Tenley! You won eight copies of my new book, 25 Ways to Communicate Respect. Thanks for sending in your mailing address so promptly. The books will be on their way to you shortly! I’m over at The Laundry Moms today talking with Terri Bonnin in an impromptu interview… Read more »

Is Your Husband a Problem Solver?

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Are you married to a man who likes to fix things? Do you get perturbed when you look to your husband for sympathy, and he insists on offering answers, instead? It’s tempting, when you’re upset, to interpret this hasty rush to a solution as evidence that your husband doesn’t really understand the situation, doesn’t fully appreciate the distress it has… Read more »

What Shall I Wear?

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Keeping Him Captivated |

When I first published 25 Ways to Communicate Respect over a year ago, I was astounded to see how many women took offense at my suggestion that a wife should dress in a way her husband finds attractive. In my mind, there were points on the list that were far more controversial than this one — I expected those might… Read more »

50 Life Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way

50 Life Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way

Knowledge gained through trial and error may be the hardest earned, but it’s usually the longest remembered. Last year I posted 7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from My Husband, so now I’d like to share a few life lessons I’ve learned on my own. Some of these truths were acquired by accident, some due to ignorance, some because of stubbornness,… Read more »

A Letter to My Father

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A Letter to My Father

Tomorrow marks the seventh anniversary of my father’s passing. I remember dreaming that Daddy died several years before he actually did. The dream came long before the cancer diagnosis, before his health began to deteriorate, back when he was still in the prime of life, while he was still here. But the dream shook me up. In my dream, my… Read more »

What’s Your Body Language Broadcasting?

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What's Your Body Language Broadcasting

I’ve always been an avid people-watcher. It’s an activity I enjoy whenever I’m at the park or the pool or any other public place. Not in a stalking, staring, break-out-the-binoculars mode or manner, but in an alert, attentive, aware-of-my-surroundings kind of way. I especially like observing the interactions between husbands and wives or between mothers and children. I’ve learned a… Read more »

Always Tip Your Waiter Well

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Alway tip your waiter well.

What follows is the fifth (and long overdue) installment in a series I started late last summer called “7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from my Husband.” It’s an important one, so take notes! My husband and I entered marriage with very disparate attitudes toward tipping. I had always calculated my tips according to exact (minimum recommended) percentages, with a little… Read more »

Does Perfectionism Have You Trapped?

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Perfectionism is a Trap

My father was a general contractor. He was also a perfectionist — not a perfectionist about everything, mind you, but certainly a perfectionist about his work. When Daddy did a job, he did it right. When he built something, he built it to last. If you hired my father to do a project, he’d deliver beautiful results… but it would… Read more »

9 Things You’ll Learn by Reading Fiction

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Life Lesson #3: You Can Learn a Lot by Reading Fiction

For as long as I can remember, I have preferred reading non-fiction to fiction. When frequenting libraries and bookstores in bygone years, I’d push my way past anything with a plot and head straight for the how-to section. There, I was certain to find a book on some topic that piqued my interest: art or apologetics; bread baking or bricklaying;… Read more »

Laughter is Good Medicine

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If you had asked me before I married what I wanted in a husband, “a good sense of humor” would not have been the first thing that sprang to mind. No, I was looking for a smart, solid Christian who loved kids, wanted a bunch of them, and was open to homeschooling. Being “tall, dark, and handsome” was not essential,… Read more »