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Great Advice for Busy Wives

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Great Advice for Busy Wives | a book review and giveaway from Loving Life at Home

I’ve been seeing advertisements for Heidi St. John’s book, The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance, for years now. From the first time I spotted that adorable picture of Heidi on the cover, I knew it was a book I would enjoy. But being the busy homeschool mom that I am, I didn’t get around to ordering a copy until… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving {Book Giveaway}

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A free printable collection of coupons for a wife to present to her husband | from

Since my new book was released last week, I decided to make a printable coupon collection to go along with it. I thought it might be something wives might enjoy slipping into their husband’s Christmas stocking — and something their husbands would be happy to receive. My own husband got a sneak peek at the coupon book I was assembling… Read more »

5 Must-Read Books for Women Who Think

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One of my readers recently criticized me for promoting what she considers oppressive and archaic beliefs regarding marriage and motherhood. “Read something – anything – on feminism,” she pleaded. “Learn to respect yourself, then you can respect others.” Of course, this is a cleaned-up version of what she actually wrote. Her original comment was so riddled with expletives and venomous… Read more »

9 Things You’ll Learn by Reading Fiction

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Life Lesson #3: You Can Learn a Lot by Reading Fiction

For as long as I can remember, I have preferred reading non-fiction to fiction. When frequenting libraries and bookstores in bygone years, I’d push my way past anything with a plot and head straight for the how-to section. There, I was certain to find a book on some topic that piqued my interest: art or apologetics; bread baking or bricklaying;… Read more »